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Rheumatology deals with multisystem diseases linked with immune system.Auto immune diseases due to inflammatory cascade includes Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, or Connective tissue diseases like Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, sjogren syndrome and myositis.Velammal Hospital provides State of the art expertise and care for all the Rheumatological diseases with Multi speciality input.

Velammal Hospital - Rheumatology Department

The Department of Rheumatology provides complete musculoskeletal health care for all ages from young children to adult. This speciality deals with multisystem diseases linked with immune system.

We see 3 types of illnesses – caused by autoimmunity.

  • Joint involvement predominantly-Arthritis
  • Internal organ involvement- like SLE
  • Blood vessel involvement- Vasculitis.

Diagnosis is made by clinical information, evaluation and immune tests.

We promote healthy lifestyles, health education and awareness meetings for doctors, patients and public. All our treatments are given at concessional price and affordable cost.


Rheumatology department has been running in Velammal Hospital since 2014 (room no 54) and in Speciality wing (Section G, 4th floor). On average we have 120 patients per week and about 20 referrals in a week. We have medical wards, critical care and step-down wards too in Velammal hospital and well dedicated orthopaedic team. The department is well supported by Radiology and Immunology services.


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